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What do you get with super charged, high O2, 100%-pure, concentrated herbal nutrition?

bulletEnhance focus, concentration & willpower
bulletBoost your immune system
bulletCut headaches, colds, flu, depression, etc.
bulletImprove sleep patterns
bulletUnveil vitality of skin & hair
bulletBurn and expel unwanted fat
bulletBring power to your vision
bulletEnhance intimate activity performance
bulletFuel your energy and stamina reserves
bulletRealize improved athletic performance
bulletGain quicker recovery from exercise. . .

A definition of a healthy person:

We believe that one with a positive mental attitude and high-energy reserves--enough to elegantly get through a tough day and arise fresh and rejuvenated each morning. A prerequisite to the above is a strong immune system. The following are needed to attain great health: Tools--Oxygen, a positive attitude and abundant enzymes. Materials--proper portions of carbohydrates, proteins, oils, vitamins, minerals with magnetic fields higher than that of the body.

Why do We Lose Vitality As We Age?

A car loses power the higher it climbs a mountain since there is less oxygen in the air.  As we age we tend to become more acid and lose oxygen, as can be shown when we test the oxygen content of a healthy child and that of his healthy parent. Junior has many times more oxygen than Mom or Dad and his body is more alkaline.

Why do we think Power O2 Tonic + could improve so many of our bodily functions?  Because our unique technology makes available factors that scientists argue were keys that allowed the colossal dinosaurs to thrive.

4 Keys to the Survival of Dinosaurs & YOU!

The four co-factors are (1) the strength of the earth's magnetic field is estimated to have been 20 gauss.  A field of such potency charging the soil, food, air and water would be essential to support such huge creatures.

(2) The volume of oxygen contained in the earth, air and water was much higher in prehistoric times. Gasses such as hydrocarbons, butalene, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. have replaced 30% of the oxygen in our air just within this century alone.

(3) Dinosaurs got their "battery power" from the tons of highly charged super food that grew in the then super-charged soil that guaranteed maximum potency of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates and amino acids.

(4) The earth's super-charged field also created tremendous power in the beasts' digestive tract and indeed in their every cell which maximized the digestion and use of their food.

Why do we think that dinosaurs could not survive on our earth as it is today?

For one, the magnetic field of the earth today is only .5 gauss, only 1/40th the power as in prehistoric times.   Sadly, our weakened food, depleted of oxygen and nutrients, is almost all devoid of a magnetic field. Thus, consuming it transfers little energy, imbalances our pH and creates an acid, less vital body.

Is a pH Imbalance Unhealthy?

We expend up to 30% of our energy in digestion and balancing our pH.   Science considers an imbalance in pH as a "seed-bed" of degenerative diseases from arteriosclerosis, heart attack, strokes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, to senility, dementia, Alzheimer's, immune deficiencies, arthritis, hormonal imbalances and premature aging.  Acid imbalance is most common.

What is pH and Why is Balancing it Important?

Scientists in the early 1900's found that the lower the potential Hydrogen (pH) the more acid a substance.  Alkaline substances had a higher pH and more oxygen. They established that a pH value of 7 was neutral (neither alkaline nor acid) as was water.  Substances with a pH of 6.9 to 1 were acid and a pH range of 7.1 to 14.0 alkaline.

What Does All this Have to Do with Me, You Ask?

Well, to begin with, a weak magnetic field has diminished the "light" or energy that we get from the earth. Our water, food, and air's healthy pH is much compromised.

Check your water's pH. We were shocked when our water tested 5.3, a full 25% more acid than in the early 1900's. We've also "processed" high pH out of our food.

The American diet is largely acid forming foods--high protein, processed starches and is deficient in fruits and vegetables. The longer we have been on the American diet and/or the older we are the more acid we become. So, the bottom line is: Fresh vegetables alkalize, animal products and processed starches create acids and reduce our oxygen.

L A Times, front page, March 1, 1999: "Samples in L A indicate hazard is 426 times more than level set by EPA in 1990. Report is the first to measure carcinogenic dangers of breathing." We may be replacing oxygen with acid toxins here.

Can We Rebalance Our pH and if so, How?

YES! Scientists say that a .1 increase in pH (more alkalinity) results in a tenfold (10 times) increase in oxygenation, and conversely--Largely controlled through our diet.

Wouldn't it be great to realize a mammoth ten times increase in oxygen for each 1/10 pH that we boost?  Read on and find an easy way to accomplish this and easily measure the results.

Where do I start--What Is My body pH?

Just get pH strips from a drug store. Put urine on the strip and match the color against the chart in the dispenser. Do this several times a day for a few days. Your pH will vary depending on your state of health, energy level, time of day, etc. The longer you can keep your pH between 6.8 and 8 the healthier that you will tend to be.

How Could I Get Results that I Can Prove?

Imagine: If you could skyrocket your energy, rejuvenate and incredibly boost your level of health--would you be interested?  Can Power O2 Tonic + help?

Power O2 Tonic + is a natural super-nutrient developed from scratch. We grow asparagus--arguably a most oxygen-rich vegetable when grown in a fertile organic soil without pesticides, dry it to yield a 14 oz. of flour crammed with all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, from each 120 lbs. of vegetable. We then impart an earth-compliant magnetic field and oxygenate it. The other plants go through similar procedures, we add vitamins and minerals and blend all into Power O2 Tonic +.

This magnetic field remarkably fortifies this concentrated powerhouse so that when ingested it oxygen and nutrients implode into us as was only possible milleniums ago. Within weeks or less, those who take Power O2 Tonic + say they feel healthier and more energetic. Those tracking their pH also measure their quantum progress.

What Were the Results of Our tests?

Of the 20 plus people tested, let me recount the most wonderful one: My brother called me and said, "what is that high-power stuff you are giving Dad? On our walk we used to go slowly once around the park. This time, we walked 3 times around at a very quick pace! Not only did Dad not require his cane but when we got home he felt that he could have gone around several more times! How can I get some of that stuff?"

Although all who were tested would make for great stories this one excited me the most because Power O2 Tonic + is probably going to stretch my Dad's life (he's almost 88) and at the very least keep him happier and in better health.

Our loyal test group exhibited remarkably higher pH, and much improved medically tested blood panels. Athletes loved their enhanced energy and stamina and bragged about shorter recoveries following exercise. Some who were prone to depression, headaches, colds, and flu experienced fewer of these undesired incidents.

Since as medical scientists say that most degeneration and microbial invasions thrive in anaerobic (oxygen depleted--low pH) tissues, it may be logical to assume that a more aerobic (oxygenated--alkaline) body would have fewer incidences of invasive bacteria, fungus and viral infections. Further testing is needed in this area.

Several said they had attained prolonged concentration periods. Many who tightened their belts suggested that getting power nutrition either reduced their hunger and/or felt that Power O2 Tonic + was responsible for burning off excess fat.

There are two theories in the literature: When the body gets the nutrients it needs at a meal, the brain restricts sending messages of hunger. A second opinion is that the higher the oxygen levels in the body, the more fatty acids that the body burns. Every edge helps in life. The edge of improved health does enhance quality of life.

Get the Edge from Power O2 Tonic+

Why is oxygen so important to my life? Scientists explain that every metabolic function uses 23 parts of O2--oxygen to 1 part of any other nutrient.

Power O2 Tonic+ is a blend of scientifically selected and dehydrated plant concentrates that are crammed with nutrients. The unique energy field we impart allows full alkalizing, oxygenating and nutritional energies to be assimilated by us.

Could new users report better concentration and focus because the brain is an "oxygen-hog"? Does the extra O2 sharpen mental activities? We think that oxygen shortage problems may be candidates for Power O2 Tonic+.

What is the Best Way to take Power O2 Tonic+?

Each 6-oz. (.375 lb.) portion of Power O2 Tonic + can make up to 1-2 super-charged oxygenated gallons of drink. Mix powder with purified water or juice: 1 gallon (GLASS bottle)-8 rounded tbl., 1 quart-2 rounded tbl., 2 to 8 ounce drink 1-2 level tsp..

For super oxygenating (and alkalizing) you can achieve amazing results by taking 2 level tsp. or more of Power O2 Tonic + in water (2-8 ounces of water) plus 1/2 tsp. of calcium powder and 1/2 tsp. of magnesium, upon arising each morning.

You can take as much Power O2 Tonic + as you like. More will tend to oxygenate your body to a greater extent. If you experience loose stools, cut back and let your metabolism catch up to its new level of health. Rest, relax, exercise moderately, reduce stress and limit carbonated drinks, sweets, refined starches and coffee.

Power O2 Tonic+ has great flexibility. You can make a light, delicious drink that you look forward to, mix it in soup, over rice, salads, vegetables, cereals, salad dressings, juice, etc. If not over-cooked the magnetic fields are not altered.

Store Power O2 Tonic + in powder form, in a dark place (Refrigerator, OK), in a sealed container and the charge will last for 1 year. When in water, keep in a dark place and in a sealed container and the charge will last 2 months if stored in glass. When stored in water and in a plastic bottle the charge remains good for 8 hours.

Ingredients: Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, celery, orange peel, lemon peel, watercress, pumpkin powder, super sweet corn, sweet potato, plant protein, vitamins A, C, D, E, K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folate, pantothenic acid, minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum.

The above information is intended as information. Substantial reference material exists from authoritative sources.  No medical claims were intended in the above material.  If a medical condition persists, consult your professional health care provider.     


Harness the Power of the Cosmos!

Magnet Energy

How do our Sunburst magnets work?

All matter in our universe is made up of atoms. Around the nucleus of an atom revolve electrons, clockwise-north spin, counter-clock wise--south. In disorganized atoms, electrons revolve randomly--both north and south spins.

Atoms make up molecules such as water--liquid, gas, or ice. We are 60% to 90% water. Molecules of water and other liquids we use at home for cleaning and drinking are disorganized, so that they are radically reduced in the quality and amount of energy that can be transferred and be used by our bodies or to clean. An analogy:

Let's say that you want to push your car and four, not too bright, volunteers line up one in front, one on each side and one at the back of the car. If they all push, what will happen? The car won't move. You, a smart cookie, ask these four 'rocket scientists' to push from the back of the car. Thus, you organized their energies and the car moves.

Similarly, water can re-organize on command. So, when "order" is applied (Sunburst magnet with a clean magnetic pole) each molecule will align so you can enjoy the benefits of the water's energy, great taste and quality.

The human body is an electromagnetic machine--all plant and animal life exists and responds to the earth's magnetic field. Here's a short list of what each pole does, according expert Gary Null Ph.D. Healing with Magnets:

North Pole (Negative Pole)


Relieves pain


Reduces swelling


Promotes tissue alkalization


Promotes sound, restful sleep


Increases tissue oxygenation


Calms nervous system


Helps in relief of addictive tendencies

South Pole (Positive Pole)


Accelerates growth indiscriminately


Increases swelling


Promotes tissue acidity


Decreases tissue oxygenation


Makes sleep less sound and restful


Promotes anxiety

Modern advanced medicine is now recognizing the potential value of using magnetic energy in treating chronic physical and mental disorders. "The earth's natural pulsing frequency of 7.96 cycles per second reduces stress and encourages relaxation and sleep. This negative magnetic energy state is likely the greatest producer of physical and mental energy", says William H. Philpott, MD, in his Biomagnetic Handbook.

Benefits and suggested applications of Sunburst Magnetic products:

Below are some of the benefits you can experience immediately and cumulatively by using The Vital Image's Sunburst magnetic products:

Magnetic Coaster--Energizes drinking water to taste delicious, alkalizes you for a healthier body

bulletEnergizes and improves taste of food and drinks (water, juices, coffees, teas, etc.)
bulletUse on body parts for energizing, pain relief, strengthening and relaxation.
bulletUsers report improved sleep patterns by placing the Coaster's North Pole under the pillow and head at night.
bulletNegative Pole-charged water or juice mixed with Power O2 Tonic +--makes the drink 30% more effective

Magnetic Conditioner--Shower, drinking, etc.

bulletGets you cleaner with less soaps and cleansers
bulletSoftens water so it leaves skin and hair smoother, silkier, fresher and cleaner
bulletMaintains its full level of energy for hundreds of years, never needs service
bulletInstall it in your car to improve mileage, use lower octane gas, reduces pollution

Magnetic Conditioner--Water mainline

bulletSoftens the home water for more effective washing and cleaning
bulletHealthier for people, pets and plants
bulletAttach it in seconds and forget it for hundreds of years of full service
bulletCleans out your pipes and prevents accumulation of calcium scale buildup
bulletUse on larger body parts for energizing, pain relief, strengthening and relaxation.

Magnetic Buttons--therapeutic (small and large)

bulletAttach to clothing, for energizing, pain relief, strengthening and relaxation
bulletPut on hats, head bands, belts, sox, leg bracelets, sweat bands, back wraps, leg wraps, etc.
bulletEasily make magnetic garments, mattress pads, pillows, etc. to boost energy & health--Call us.

Magnetic Conditioner--Gas line (used for cooking, heating, etc.)

Saves over 10% of your gas bill by using gas more effectively.

The Vital Image claims the following regarding Sunburst magnetic products:

Our magnetic units are made under patented material composition and organization of components that are designed to keep a minimum of 99% of their original, full, living magnetic field for well over 100 years. Can any other product stand behind this type of claim?

How to use Sunburst magnets to energize the water you use:

Information on magnetic therapy and other uses of magnets is vast. Our attempt here is to inform on what experts report, to encourage readers to do research and to offer magnets of unparalleled quality at very reasonable prices.

An excellent application for a Sunburst magnetic product:

To increase effectiveness of Power O2 Tonic + even more mixing it in North (negative) Pole water that has been charged with a Sunburst magnet. If your water is purified, you can opt to charge it with the South Pole of the magnet to stimulate you with more energy before and during athletics, a stressful activity and for vigor and sharpness before a heavy study session or critical meeting. Afterwards use Negative water.

Taste any drink and enjoy better taste. Experts recommend that liquids and foods containing man-made chemicals not be energized with the Positive pole because such chemicals could also become more powerful.

Whether or not water is purified you can always use the North Pole (Negative) to charge the water for long term energy, alkalization and increased oxygenation. This side is recommended for general water intake. Place magnetic unit for 2 to 3 hours to charge a gallon of water. Move the unit around an 8-ounce glass of water or other liquid for about 1 minute and taste the difference.

Water your plants with South-pole water to give them strength, health, vitality and faster growth.

To convince yourself of the value of charging your drinking water do this:

  1. Pour water into two glass containers
  2. Put the Magnetic Conditioner with the North Pole against or under container 2 for 5 minutes.
  3. Sip a drink from container 1 and wait one minute for your taste buds to rest, then
  4. Sip from container 2 (the charged water). Enjoy the sweeter taste of treated water!

Some Experts' Observations:

Dr. Robert Becker, neurologist, in The Body Electric observed that an injury site registers South (positive) immediately. It changes to North during the healing process, indicating that a North pole field promotes healing.

William H. Philpott, M.D., who has specialty training in psychiatry, neurology, electroencephalography, nutrition, environmental medicine and toxicology states in his Cancer, The Magnetic/Oxygen Answer, Also, Magnetic Answer for inflammation, infection and toxicity: "Negative magnetic fields oxygenate and alkalize by governing the body's defense against bacteria, fungi and parasites, all of whom thrive in an acid medium--infections occur and they function well in an acidic, oxygen-deficient state." He also states that "calcium and other minerals can only remain in a soluble state in an alkaline medium. In an acid medium they become insoluble."

Researchers in many US hospitals including The University of Loma Linda in California, Texas A&M University, the Universities of Modena and Bologna Universities in Italy, The University of Saarbrucken in Germany are treating patients for ailments from a to z (acne to warts) with magnetotherapy.

Philpott points out that 70% of our energy comes from food while 30% comes from a magnetic field. He says: "Humans live in a magnetic field and become ill if not in a magnetic field. Astronauts are provided an artificial magnetic field to prevent illness. A fluid passing through a magnetic field produces electromotive energy. Oxygen and water are paramagnetic and carry this magnetic field to the entire body through the blood circulation."

He continues that "Many chemicals such as petrochemicals are fat soluble and thus become stored in the fat cells. A number of these fat-soluble chemicals are carcinogens. These fat cells need to be treated with a negative magnetic field so they will drop out their fat with their fat soluble toxins to be discharged from the body through the urine, lungs, or detoxified by oxidation. The oxidation process itself is also activated by the negative magnetic field."

Philpott: "The depth of energy restoring sleep is controlled by the hormone melatonin that is made during sleep. The principle area in which melatonin is made is the pineal gland which is in the center of the head. This gland makes melatonin in response to a negative magnetic field during sleep. The retina of the eyes also make melatonin and the internal wall makes melatonin. Treating these areas also raises melatonin. The hormone melatonin has the control of the entire energy system of the body including such as the immune system, endocrine system and respiration."

Note: Use only the North Pole of the Magnet toward your body part.

Keep all magnetic products away from credit card and computer media.


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